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VC 17

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With the Teflon® advantage for increased hull performance, VC 17m LowFriction Thin Film Antifouling is Interlux’s world famous innovation in the field of reduced friction, low drag antifouling. The original antifouling with "non-stick" technology.

VC17m is a reduced friction, low drag finish antifouling paint for fresh water or cold saltwater. It will prevent build up of marine fouling organisms such as barnacles, zebra mussels, teredos and algae. The friction reducing property of VC17m is a function of its Teflon® base and pigmentation system. Its Teflon-based film shrugs off marine growth, and the exceptional surface smoothness means boat speeds can actually increase by as much as 10%! When applied, VC17m will immediatly give a thin super smooth "slip" finish that would typically take days of sanding to achieve. VC17m no longer contains Xylene, which means it will dry slower and will improve the flow, giving a smoother finish. When it's time to recoat VC17m, no sanding is required. Just wash with freshwater, let dry and reapply VC17m.

VC17m goes on eight times thinner than traditional antifouling paint which virtually eliminates film buildup. Can be applied to under water surfaces on properly prepared fiberglass, wood and metal boat hulls.(except Aluminum)