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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit our legacy site

Townsend 15' Stitch and Glue Canoe Kit

Original price $399.00 - Original price $1,076.25
Original price
$399.00 - $1,076.25
Current price $1,076.25

The Townsend is a recreational canoe with a wide beam to provide stability and a predictable feel. There is a slight V-bottom will aid in tracking and helps eliminates the oil-canning effect common with some wide flat bottom designs.

Overall Dimensions: 15’6” x 36”

Heights (bow, mid, stern): 20”, 14”, 20”

Rocker (Fore and Aft): 1.5” & 1.5”

Estimated Hull Weight: 45-65 lbs.

Recommend Load on Board: 150-800 lbs 

She has a contemporary side profile that will be easy to assemble and is well within the reach of a first-time builder. The bow entry will slice into any minor wake you encounter and help tracking.  

The two compartments located fore and aft are multipurpose. They can be sealed off and act as buoyancy chambers. Leave them hollow or filled with buoyancy foam. (Adding foam will add stiffness and rigidity to the hull.) The compartments will provide enough reserve floatation to make it unsinkable. A nice safety feature to have. A builder could also incorporate hatches in the compartments and use them as dry storage.

Always wear your Personal Floatation Device!

The full kit includes the following:

  • Building Manual for 15’ Townsend
  • Wooden Parts for 15’ Townsend
  • Stitch and Glue Epoxy Resin and Hardener Kit
  • Gunwales – Inwale 3/8” X 5/8” (pair)
  • Gunwales – Outwale (pair)
  • Seat Hangers – Dowels x 8
  • Silicon Bronze Carriage Bolt 3/16” X 6” x 12
  • Silicone Bronze Hex Nuts 10-24 x 12
  • Silicone Bronze Flat Washers #10 x 12
  • 6oz X 60” Cloth x 12
  • Yoke
  • Canoe Seat x 2