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Nida-Core Structural Honeycomb Plain – H8PP 4’X7′

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Nida-Core Structural Honeycomb Plain – H8PP 4’X7′ is a high-performance lightweight panel that is designed to provide exceptional strength and durability for a wide range of applications. This product is particularly well-suited for marine usage due to its resistance to water, corrosion, and UV radiation.

The Nida-Core H8PP panel is made from a durable, lightweight polypropylene material that is sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass or other composite materials. The Nida-Core honeycombs are cellular structures with an 8 mm mesh made of polypropylene, which are used to form the core of structural sandwich panels. Their surface coating (non-woven polyester) can be laminated or glued to practically any type of material, for applications in many domains: construction, transport, yachting, industrial equipment, sports, recreation, etc. Specially made for contact and spray lamination. The honeycomb structure of the panel provides exceptional strength and stiffness, while also reducing the overall weight of the finished product.

In marine applications, Nida-Core H8PP panels are often used for hulls, decks, and bulkheads, as well as for interior cabinetry and furniture. Their lightweight nature makes them ideal for boats and other watercraft, as they can help reduce the overall weight of the vessel and improve its speed and fuel efficiency.

The panels are also highly resistant to moisture and rot, making them an excellent choice for marine environments where exposure to saltwater and other corrosive elements is common. Additionally, the Nida-Core H8PP panel is easy to work with and can be cut, shaped, and bonded using standard tools and techniques.