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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit our legacy site

Keel for Canoe

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Contrary to an oft-repeated statement, keels do not make your canoe "go in a straight line."

Straight line paddling is a function of your much practised J-stroke. SHOE KEELS act to protect the hull from all sorts of abrasion. Check the attached images—keels are sacrificial and replaceable. Ours are of ash 5/8" thick x 1 1/8" wide x length of your canoe less 18". Fastened with screws and cup washers-instruction sheet included.

DEEP WATER keels are best for lakes where wind is a constant factor. These keels taper from 1 1/2" at the hull down 1" into the water to be 3/8" wide. These most often get scarf jointed into the out stem. So, you need to plan ahead well before attaching the out stem.

Wind blowing from the side tries to push your canoe but this keel creates drag and the effect of the wind is much reduced.

Shoe keels also create drag but to a lesser degree.

Paddlers looking for lots of lateral moves (perhaps in white water), would probably pass on any keel as they would want a hull which has no drag and slips left and right without resistance.