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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit our legacy site

J.G. Brown Lorna 16'

Original price $2,298.00 - Original price $2,298.00
Original price
$2,298.00 - $2,298.00
Current price $2,298.00
  • Length 16'
  • Maximum beam 30.5"
  • Beam water/ line 27.5"
  • Beam gunnel 29.5"
  • Bow height 22"
  • Centre depth 12"Draft 4"
  • Displacement 300 lbs.
  • Wetted surface 23.7 sq.ft.
  • Weight to immerse 91 lb/ in
  • Prismatic coefficient 0.537
  • Weight 45 to 50 lbs.
  • Stability factor 74
  • Optimum capacity 280-390 lbs

A slim sweet hull for experienced paddlers.

The inspiration for this design was built about 1900 by the J.G. Brown Mfg. Co., Lakefield, Ontario. ‘Lorna’ has been paddled since 1912 by the Maclennan family on Baptiste Lake. Original lines were taken in 1988 by Ted Moores and refaired by Steve Killing in 1999 with little alteration to the original shape. 'Lorna' is a good example of the highly developed 'Canadian Style' recreational canoe. This design is a fine balance of all the features desirable in a fast traditional recreational canoe. It has some characteristics in common with the Peterborough Canadien - it is narrow, fast and a pleasure to paddle.

© The Bear Mountain Boat Shop 1993 Lines take by Ted Moores, 1988 Drawn by Ted Moores, Aug. 1993 Redrawn by Steve Killing 1999

Photo courtesy of Bob Trammell


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