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Gel Coat HC Compound

by 3M
Original price $55.87 - Original price $103.11
Original price
$55.87 - $103.11
Current price $55.87
Product details
  • 3M's fastest gel coat formula to remove heavy oxidation and P800 grit sanding marks
  • Formula stays wet longer for longer product life and easier cleanup
  • Suitable for all gel coated surfaces including boats and recreational vehicles as well as industrial applications
  • Can be used for two- or three-step gelcoat finishing processes
  • Part of a complete line of 3M ™ Perfect-It  products for finishing gel coats

3M  Perfect-It  Heavy-Duty Gelcoat Sanding Compound restores shine to boats by removing oxidation marks, scuffs, gouges and other gelcoat imperfections. One of 3M's fastest abrasive products for gel coats, this paste removes P800 grit and finer sanding marks and leaves a high gloss finish ideal for sanding paste and wax.

3M  Perfect-It  Heavy Duty Gelcoat Sanding Compound is one of 3M's fastest cutting compounds for heavily oxidized gelcoat surfaces. Its premium chemical and mineral formula quickly removes heavy oxidation marks, weather marks, matting, chalking and sanding marks from P800 grit and finer. This formula leaves a high gloss finish on many surfaces — so the polishing step is not necessary before waxing. Sanding paste stays wet for a long time, allowing you to work for an extended period of time before you need new materials.