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Fiberglass Bottomkote Racing Bronze Antifouling

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Fiberglass Bottomkote Racing Bronze is a premium antifouling that creates a hard, smooth finish and protects against fouling in both fresh water and salt water. The coating is easy to apply and can be wet-sanded or burnished. The traditional bronze color makes this an ideal product for use on restoration of older boats.

Provides season long protection against fouling organisms. Fiberglass Bottomkote Racing Bronze uses an acrylic resin to provide ease of application and a hard smooth racing finish, that is compatible with most other types of antifouling paints.



  • Can be hauled out and trailered on a short term basis without loss of antifouling capability
  • Can be wet-sanded and burnished to provide an even smoother surface for racing boats
  • For use on fiberglass, wood and primed underwater metals (except aluminum)
  • Effective in fresh and low fouling salt water against barnacles and zebra mussels