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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit our legacy site

Corecell M80 Plain 48" X 96"

Original price $191.62 - Original price $563.45
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$191.62 - $563.45
Current price $191.62

Introducing Corecell™ M-Foam, the ultimate solution for all your marine composite needs. This innovative foam has been specially developed to provide high performance and versatility for all marine applications, including slamming areas, superstructures, hulls, and decks. With its unique combination of high shear strength and low density, Corecell™ M-Foam is the perfect replacement for PVC cores, delivering superior performance and durability.

One of the key benefits of Corecell™ M-Foam is its high temperature resistance, which makes it ideal for use with prepreg composite processes. Its fine cell size and unique knife-cuts also ensure low resin uptake during infusion, resulting in higher performing infusions, lower resin costs, and lower weight than any other structural core material.

Corecell™ M-Foam is built to last, with a high tolerance for heat and chemical exposure, as well as a built-in toughness that surpasses cross-linked PVC and balsa. Its superior uniformity and elimination of foam outgassing make it the go-to choice for marine composite applications.

Not only is Corecell™ M-Foam tough and durable, it's also easy to handle and machine. Its compatibility with all polyester, vinylester, and epoxy resin systems ensures a smooth and reliable processing experience.

Choose Corecell™ M-Foam for your next marine composite project and experience the ultimate in reliability, strength, and versatility. With Gurit's 10 years of technical expertise in resin infusion, hand lamination, and prepreg processing, you can count on their on-site support and structural engineering to make Corecell™ M-Foam a key part of the most reliable package available.