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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit our legacy site

Carbon Fiber Twill 5.7 Oz X 38" 3K

Original price $41.04 - Original price $41.04
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$41.04 - $41.04
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5.7 Oz/sq yd, 38" Wide, .012" Thick, 3K, 2x2 Twill AeroSpace 640 Ksi

This 2x2 twill weave fabric offers the cosmetic appearance so desirable on modern composite parts. But don't just use it for looks, this fabric is highly formable and slightly stronger than the plain weave.


Tensile Strength is the maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before failing or breaking.
Elastic modulus is a number that measures an object or substance's resistance to being deformed elastically (i.e., non-permanently) when a force is applied to it.  A stiffer material will have a higher elastic modulus.

Please Note

Our fabrics are sold by the linear yard. The unit price displayed is for 1 linear yard; all volume discounts will be automatically applied when selecting larger quantities of fabric when added to your shopping cart, as indicated in the table above with quantity discount ranges for units purchased. Please purchase the number of linear yards that you require. When purchasing multiple yards of the same fabric, you will receive one continuous length of that material. We carefully take that material and roll it onto a cardboard core and wrap clear plastic

*Our shipping calculator recognizes fiberglass, vacuum bagging materials and any other item that is shipped on a roll as an individual parcel and charges for each item.  If you are ordering more than one part number shipped on a roll or additional small items in most cases we can combine these into one parcel and charge a lower shipping rate.  Please call us if your checkout shipping seems unusually high.