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Bloxygen 12 Gms

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Release a small amount of this inert gas into the container prior to closing to form a protective oxygen barrier. Since oxygen does not come into contact with the finishing material, it can not skim over or harden. Never again will you open a half-full can of finishing material only to find it skimmed over or hardened! Save partial cans of paint, varnish, stains and other fine finishes with one simple “shot” of Bloxygen. One can provides protection for approximately 75 applications.


  • Preserves stains, varnishes, oil-based paints, chemicals, resins and more
  • Use all of your finish, not just the first half, just spray in the can and seal
  • Uses ultra pure Argon, a powerful inert gas, to drive the oxygen out
  • Bloxygen is heavier than air and separates the liquid surface from any air in the container
  • Eliminate spray gun clogs and jams
  • One spray can will seal about 37 gallon-sized containers or 75 quart-sized containers
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Net Contents: 0.41 oz. (12g)