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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit our legacy site

1.5Oz X 50" Mat-Roll

by Minchem
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The most economical of reinforcing fabrics, mat is random lengths of glass fibers laid down in a random pattern and held together with a resin-soluble binder. This construction provides equal strength in all directions, wets out easily, and quickly builds thick, rigid laminates. Compared to woven cloth, laminations made of mat use more resin, making them more rigid, more waterproof, but overall lower in strength. Because of the binders used to hold mat together, it is not a recommended fabric to use with epoxy.

This treated material is a non-woven felt consisting of chopped glass fibers 1 " to 2" in length, crisscrossed and randomly interlocked and held together with a binder. Since it is not a woven cloth it can be stretched to fit into difficult areas. Because it is highly absorbent it soaks up a great deal of resin, and the resultant structure is stiffer than a layer of woven cloth, although not as strong. Matting is often used between layers of woven cloth or roving, or as a waterproof layer when there is no gelcoat. Typically used with polyester resin which dissolves the binder.

Please Note

Our fabrics are sold by the linear yard. The unit price displayed is for 1 linear yard; all volume discounts will be automatically applied when selecting larger quantities of fabric when added to your shopping cart, as indicated in the table above with quantity discount ranges for units purchased. Please purchase the number of linear yards that you require. When purchasing multiple yards of the same fabric, you will receive one continuous length of that material. We carefully take that material and roll it onto a cardboard core and wrap clear plastic

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