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Video-Building the Eightball

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30 minutes This video is the perfect companion to the EIGHT BALL-SG plans and patterns package, or for use with the Wood Parts Kit. An ideal way to give the individual builder, or a group or organization an overview of the various steps and procedures for building this boat or any Stitch-N-Glue boat. The information to build the EIGHT BALL-SG is all included in the Plans and Patterns, but many builders find it easier to understand when they can see our boatbuilder's hands actually doing the work. The video is also a good way to let distant relatives or others "in" on your project. This step by step video was filmed at Glen-L and shows the actual prototype of the EIGHT BALL-SG being built by our Shop Foreman. See not only the steps of construction, but the boat being rigged and sailed. The EIGHT BALL-SG is the ideal beginning project and the video is the ideal way to get your "creative juices" flowing.