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Polyester Resin Waxed

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Waxed polyester resin is the most popular resin used for marine applications. It is excellent for all types of fiberglass lamination, layup, and repair work. It is used when the resin or gelcoat is the final layer and a non-tack surface is needed. It is also the type of resin to use before finishing with paint, although the wax must be removed with a proper wax and grease remover before painting. The wax takes about 24 hours to set up hard, and you can add additional fiberglass lay-ups on top without any preparation within that time frame.

Resin is low viscosity and wets all types of fiberglass fabric well with minimal drain on vertical surfaces. Always sand and wipe down with acetone if applying a new coat of resin or gelcoat over waxed resin. Catalyze with MEKP at 1.25% to 2% between 65F/18C and 90F/32C, do not use below 50F/10C. Always do a test batch to determine the correct MEKP ratio as temperature, humidity and volume will change pot life and gel time.


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