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New Glass

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NewGlass is a scientifically formulated “fiberglass restoration” product. NewGlass2 provides a hard, shiny coat of protection for your fiberglass gel coat. NewGlass has a long history of providing exceptional protection and shine to faded, oxidized gel coats. New gelcoat starts out with bright, fresh pigments suspended in a very smooth plastic film, similar to a fresh, painted surface. It’s glossy because rays of light striking the surface from an angle are virtually all reflected in the same direction. As the gelcoat ages under the influence of sun, water, and weather two things happen: The surface of the gelcoat becomes microscopically pitted, and the pigments tend to change color due to surface oxidation and UV absorption. The degraded pigment causes blotchy color changes. The pitting causes light striking the surface to scatter, or be reflected more or less randomly. For white fiberglass a clean, dry surface is all that is required for NewGlass application.