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Epifanes Aquamarine Interior Varnish

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Epifanes Aquamarine Clear Varnish is a high-quality, one-component water-based interior varnish that provides a beautiful satin sheen and excellent protection for your boat's interior surfaces. This quick-drying, scratch-resistant varnish offers outstanding resistance against alcohol and household chemicals, making it an ideal choice for preserving the beauty and integrity of your boat's interior woodwork.

Eco-Friendly and Low Odor

This water-based varnish is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional solvent-based interior satin varnishes. With very low VOC content and no odor, Epifanes Aquamarine Clear Varnish is a safer and more environmentally responsible choice for your boat's interior.

Application and Use

Epifanes Aquamarine Clear Varnish is designed for use over several build-up coats of Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish or Epifanes Woodfinish Gloss. It is also suitable for the maintenance of intact one- and two-component interior varnishes, regardless of brand.

Easy Brush Processing

For a smooth and even application, simply use tap water for brush processing. Apply the varnish with a nylon brush along the wood grain for best results.

Quick Drying Time

This fast-drying varnish allows for a repaintable surface after just 6 hours at 20°C, ensuring minimal downtime during your boat's interior maintenance.

Coverage and Efficiency

A 1000ml container of Epifanes Aquamarine Clear Varnish is sufficient for covering up to 12m², providing excellent value and efficiency for your boat's interior varnishing needs.

Application Tips

For optimal results, keep the varnish away from frost and direct sunlight during application and drying.

In summary, Epifanes Aquamarine Clear Varnish is a quick-drying, scratch-resistant, and eco-friendly solution for protecting and enhancing your boat's interior wood surfaces. With its beautiful satin sheen, easy application, and compatibility with various varnish types, this product is a top choice for boat owners seeking a high-quality, environmentally responsible interior varnish.


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