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Bob's Special 15'

Original price $1,268.00 - Original price $1,681.00
Original price
$1,268.00 - $1,681.00
Current price $1,681.00

• Length 15'
• Maximum beam 36"
 Beam waterline 33"
• Beam gunnel 34"
 Bow height 19.5"
• Centre Depth 13"
• Draft 4"
• Displacement 345 lbs.
• Wetted surface 25.9 sq.ft.
• Weight to immerse 122 lb/in
• Prismatic coefficient .543
• Weight 45 to 50 lb
• Keel-less or shoe keel

"The Chestnut 50-lb. Special has been designed to meet a certain demand for an extremely light weight canoe of good carrying capacity and has proved very popular. Owing to its width and flat bottom it is very steady and the ends are low, making it easy to portage through the brush." ...from the 1950 Chestnut Canoe Co. catalogue.

Forty years later it is one of their better known models, favoured by fishermen and solo trippers. The moderate rocker and soft bilges make this a great canoe for traditional style solo paddling. The Bob's Special is also a good choice if wind is a regular feature of where you paddle, as the low ends are less affected by windage.

In order to adapt to strip planking, some modifications to the original lines have been made. A shoe keel was recommended on the original canoe because of the light weight ribs and planking. Since they are not saying it is for directional stability, we can assume that the keel is optional.


Important Note: Pricing Variation for Cedar Strip Kits and Shipping

We would like to inform you about the pricing variation associated with our White Cedar Strip Kits. The White Cedar Kits include strips ranging from 3' in length up to a maximum of 7'10". However, please note that 80% of your strips will be within the range of 5' to 7'10". This ensures a sufficient quantity of strips falling within this desired length range. By utilizing the White Cedar Kits, you can still create a beautiful and functional canoe while also enjoying the benefits of cost savings and improved convenience.

These kits offer a more affordable alternative to our standard full-length (up to 20') cedar strip kits. The reduced cost is attributed to both the lower-priced lumber used in the kit as well as the potential savings on shipping expenses. While the lumber cost is lower, it's important to note that the shipping costs are a separate charge. However, due to the maximum length of 7'10" for the white cedar strips, we can ship the kits through a courier service rather than freight, resulting in significantly reduced shipping prices.

When placing your order, you will have the option to select from three different cedar types: Western Red Cedar, Eastern White Cedar, or a 50/50 blend of both varieties. Please be aware that the pricing for the White Cedar Kits differs from our standard kits due to variations in lumber costs.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that due to the size of the product, custom shipping arrangements will be required for Cedar Strip Kits. This allows us to ensure the best possible shipping rates for our customers, optimizing affordability and convenience. We will reach out to you with a confirmed shipping price before proceeding with the shipment. If you have any questions or require further clarification, our team is available to assist you. We are committed to guiding you throughout your canoe-building journey. 


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